Lebanon Wars (1982 + 2006)

1982 Lebanon War

The PLO launched attacks on Northern Israeli communities from southern Lebanon. In 1982, Israel responded by launching an offensive on PLO operations in southern Lebanon. Israeli troops succeeded in removing the PLO from Lebanese politics, but gained international scorn with their involvement in the Lebanese civil war. Up until 2000, Israel maintained a military presence in southern Lebanon to discourage and prevent attacks from southern Lebanon again.

2006 Lebanon War

On July 11, 2006, Hezbollah (An Islamist anti-Israeli organization based in Lebanon) attacked an Israeli army unit, killing eight and capturing two. Hezbollah simultaneously fired an increasing amount of rockets into Israel. Israel retaliated with a ground offensive soon after. Hezbollah operated out of civilian population centers, which was a huge point of controversy because a significant number of civilians were injured or killed throughout the conflict.

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