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Arab-Israeli Conflict Timelines

The following timelines outline events between the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the September 11, 2001 attacks:

Perspectives on a One-State Solution

Two op-ed pieces, one in Haaretz and the other in the Washington Post, in support for a unitary Israel:

Israel via the CIA World Factbook Above is the CIA factbook database on Israel. In addition to information on the Government and infrastructure of the country, the Factbook outlines recent disputes and estimates of refugees coming into the country.  

Poem sparks controversy in Israel In the above article from Aljazeera, German author Gunter Grass is reported to have been barred from entry into Israel after his latest poem, “What Must Be Said” was published last week. In the poem, found here in translation through the Washington Post, Grass accuses Israel of hypocrisy over Iran’s nuclear program: “Yet why do …

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A Palestinian Comedian comments on Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Dictator”

Ray Hanania, a Chicago-based comedian and radio host, discussed the antics of Sacha Baron Cohen in the leadup to the release of “The Dictator”. In Hanania’s opinion, Cohen has repeatedly  lampooned other racial stereotypes without taking aim at his own Jewish/Israeli heritage.

Palestinian-based News Sources

Below are two news sites that provide a Palestinian viewpoint on current events in the area Palestinian News Network- Palestinian Chronicle- Palestinian news sources have also used social media to supply information, creating various Twitter accounts

January 2012 Border Talks Recent talks concerning a potential two-state solution were stalled after disagreements regarding the exact location of the borderlines as well as the nature of the separation. According to one PLO spokesperson, the plan proposed by Yitzhak Molcho is unacceptable. “Basically, the Israeli idea of a Palestinian state is made up of a wall and settlements.” The …

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