1967: 6 Day War

The 1967 6 Day War was a swift surprise offensive launched by the Israelis on June 5, 1967 against the United Arab Republic. Israel felt threatened by Arab military advances and nationalist threats, and decided to take preemptive action.

The war was fought by Israel on three fronts: specifically against Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

The Egyptian front:

An Egyptian blockade of the Israeli ports of Eilat and the Gulf of Aqaba raised tensions dramatically between Israel and Egypt. On June 5, 1967, Israel launched air strikes against Egypt, crippling their air force and sweeping in, routing the Egyptians. As a result, Israel gained control of the Sinai Peninsula in Southern Israel.

The Jordanian front:

Jordan initiated an invasion of Israel in conjunction with the fighting between Egypt and Israel. After several days of fighting, however, the Jordanians were repelled by the Israelis from the heartland of Israel. As a result, Israel gained control of all of Jerusalem and the West Bank in Western Israel.

The Syrian front:

In response to Syrian hostility, Israel attacked Syrian military bases in southern Syria in coordination with the other invasions. Israel successfully pushed Syrian military forces out of the Golan Heights in northern Israel, and gained control of the Golan Heights as a result.


The 1967 war is a serious point of contention between Arabs and Israelis because of the borders it established. Israel faced increasing opposition from Palestinians and terrorists in the Golan Heights and West Bank, and as a result had to increase the level of military presence there. The occupation and status of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Golan Heights is one of the main points of controversy in resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Shows Israel pre- and post- 1967 campaign


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