Arab-Israeli Conflict Timelines

The following timelines outline events between the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the September 11, 2001 attacks:

Perspectives on a One-State Solution

Two op-ed pieces, one in Haaretz and the other in the Washington Post, in support for a unitary Israel:

Israel via the CIA World Factbook

Above is the CIA factbook database on Israel. In addition to information on the Government and infrastructure of the country, the Factbook outlines recent disputes and estimates of refugees coming into the country.


Poem sparks controversy in Israel

In the above article from Aljazeera, German author Gunter Grass is reported to have been barred from entry into Israel after his latest poem, “What Must Be Said” was published last week. In the poem, found here in translation through the Washington Post, Grass accuses Israel of hypocrisy over Iran’s nuclear program:

“Yet why do I forbid myself, To name that other country, In which, for years, even if secretly, There has been a growing nuclear potential at hand, But beyond control, because not accessible to inspections?”

Such rhetoric has obviously sparked outrage among Israeli government officials, with some accusing him of anti-Semitism and suggesting that he should disseminate his “distorted and mendacious works” in Iran, where he will “find a supportive audience.”


Israeli Supreme Court Orders Settlers to Leave Outpost

“Israel’s Supreme Court on Sunday ordered a West Bank settlers’ outpost built on private Palestinian land to be dismantled by Aug. 1, rejecting a government compromise with the settlers that would have allowed them to stay put for another three years.”

“Nearly a decade ago, Israel promised the United States that it would dismantle a number of the outposts in preparation for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Palestinians want to build a state on land that is now partly occupied by the settlers. But almost no outposts have actually come down, and Israeli-Palestinian negotiations are frozen.”

“Right-wing legislators said Sunday that they would introduce legislation to legalize Migron and other outposts. Dani Dayan, a leader of Israel’s settler movement, said that the court’s ruling would empower the violent extremists in his community who have long argued that there was no point in seeking compromise.”

Israel releases Palestinian hunger striker

A Palestinian woman, who had been on hunger strike for 40 days was released from an Israeli prison on Sunday. Hana Shalabi, 30, was protesting the Israeli practice of “administrative detention” which “allows imprisonment based on secret informants or information.”

Ms. Shanabi had previously been arrested and detained by Israeli authorities, but was released in October 20011.

“Administrative detention orders can be issued for a maximum of six months, but can be renewed indefinitely.”


Netanyahu to meet with Obama to discuss Iranian nuclear threat

Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with President Barack Obama this week to discuss the growing danger of Iranian nuclear capability. Israeli officials are worried that U.N. economic sanctions on Iran are not working, and have publicly announced the possibility of military intervention. Iran has warned that it will respond with a counterattack, and possibly enlist their allies Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in the Gaza Strip to form a coalition against Israel. U.S. officials are strongly opposing any potential military action by Israel, and are urging Israel to wait for the sanctions to be given time to work.

A link to the article can be found here:

A Palestinian Comedian comments on Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Dictator”

Ray Hanania, a Chicago-based comedian and radio host, discussed the antics of Sacha Baron Cohen in the leadup to the release of “The Dictator”. In Hanania’s opinion, Cohen has repeatedly  lampooned other racial stereotypes without taking aim at his own Jewish/Israeli heritage.

Israel raids Palestine

Here are two articles on the Israeli raid on Palestinian TV stations today (Feb. 29).

Israeli Troops Raid Two Palestinian TV Stations- NY Times

by Ethan Bronner

Early in the morning on Wednesday, February 29 2012, Israeli authorities raided the offices of two Palestinian TV stations, Al-Quds Educational Television and Al-Watan in Ramallah in the West Bank, confiscating equipment and documents.  Israel cited failure to abide by an Israeli-Palestinian agreement on airwave transmissions following repeated warnings.  The stations claimed that they received no forewarning by Israel.

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